When I field multiple texts and telephone calls in one day from a new foster parent, I hate it, but I confess I am now reduced to considering how this looks on my bill, and what possible questions I will have to field in defense of my work.
After recent events I find myself unconsciously getting ready for the possible questions,
“Yes, I did have all that communication with the fosters, all in the same day.”
Yes- I think it was necessary- it calmed them down, eased their fears, enlightened them about the CPS process, court hearings and what is required.”
It is 10:42 P.M. on a Monday night, I just got off the phone with them again. It may help save this placement from breaking down, or perhaps the next one. But I hate to admit it, I wonder how the bill will be received…
“Yes, I did pop in unannounced. I did drive to put eyes on the child, in the home, at the school, take them for a burger in my car, feed them ice cream and lay on the floor and color and play. Because that is the way you build trust in the little people. They will not tell you the truth, they will not trust, and we cannot know what is in their hearts and minds without doing it.”
It is a strange world when an officer of the courts bill is challenged. Our signature on a bill is swearing that it is true. The recent events have  knocked me for a loop. It really has. After some sleepless nights, I have come to realize that to challenge the bill says so much more about the challenger than the challenged.
I have sworn many oaths in my life. I swore to defend this country when I joined the military. I swore another when I became an American citizen, and still another when I started law school and another when I finally passed the bar. Let us remember that to be an Officer of the Court and member of the bar means something. A great something.
And while we are remembering, let us remember her.
I will always remember my failure, and the little girl that never got to go home.
So… I will drive, and visit, and call, and if I have to, defend my bill in open court because the alternative is unthinkable; and her name was Katherine.

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